Monday, August 18, 2014

Deny My Requirement

You watch or listen to Democracy Now all the way through today.

We have the second United States Civil War by my declaration at noon in New York today. You have until then to take my life.

Details unfold further every day.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pretense Chronicles~ The Oddness of Impossibility

Who, among all the bright well-heeled Americans (their term) is ready to prove they are not a racist by even pretending to Call For any honest confrontation of the systemic denial we all face today?

Take the antidote and wake up in the morning asking the question, can you even admit the better way?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Organize sign-in sheets more precisely. Watch the money.

Here's a meaningful quote, only from a moment ago~
But we also know that while racism may no longer be official government policy, it persists everywhere because capitalism requires racism. The system acts to perpetuate and constantly reinvent it in the same way it requires sexual oppression and war.

Sick, eh?

Update from the Tail Wagging Dog Conundra Department inside the Obvious Lot~ Reality unfunded has no hold. Of course, Drunvalo could probably have shown you the momentary metaphysical flicker such bound reliances produce the day after he was born. Comedic is too serious a description for depicting such a weakness in words.
The right is welcomed to rest and believe. Like it or not, the embarrassing shame all humanity is forced to stand in today is your work and it's done us all a bad turn. Shove off and work at trusting in truth now. It only gets uglier and more difficult from here on out to clean up after your daily dosing of pointless, unnecessary death.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Commentary On Disgrace In Honor Of Robin Williams

Here's a recent controversy involving conclusions of Amory Lovins. Over here we get to wondering what may ever be the future for substance without pull when no one has actual access to the ability to make good on facts even with all the access of a PCI or RMI (Post Carbon Institute or Rocky Mountain Institute).

While it remains true that only money has pull, it saddens some of the public that even the key differences among scientists have no maturely respectful audience with the access necessary to shifting policy anywhere toward human well-being. That is a national failure. It's a further embarrassing disgrace that we persist as a nation in failing the people of the world so fully.

Everyone in the US fails the gift we might be for all the world when the best resources of the nation remain rigidly bound to follow and found each other in pointless circles of war for profit with no possibility of a more enlightened view. I have little reason any longer for wondering about our sad and unfortunate progression in the statistics around suicide. It's a horrible way to make our most gifted celebrities find their common ground with veterans.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bill Moyers & Corporate Speak

 Arthur Brooks speaks, Bill, with a forked tongue, and has no honest claim for the right to your attention. My first reaction, when I caught his vibe was to see him as the very hair on the tail of the devil itself, immediately because he denies by his very participation that there is an emergency for the world of population that is poor through no fault of their own, and he denies that, as it appears you may too, there is no excuse in so wealthy a world for any poor at all.

Deuteronomy may have been appropriate to its age. Yet this is no longer a total agrarian world with far less than half its current population. The quote you began our scene with is the sorely out of date context that might sadly render your entire conversation with Mr. Brooks a betrayal of the vast majority of the human race.

There is no excuse in so wealthy a world as ours for any poor at all. This is Breaking News, Bill, the subject of the greatest conspiracy of complicity ever known. That's right to fix and how we do so matters, but to deny our ability to make that fix is to deny truth and hold fearfully to outdated ideals from a vastly different age now long gone. This is Mr. Brooks' elemental weakness that hallmarks an only partially considered relationship with both honesty and truth.

It is also the reason for the so many you know who speak of systemic shift, though maturely parsing their challenge by welcoming you to ask the standard-bearers of corporate capitalism whether the public as a whole should be subsidizing the profits of the wealthiest family on the planet. Everything about that state of affairs offends human decency, and glares as bad tax policy, though Mr. Brooks will not admit that. Instead he makes old arguments founded on mere claims more recently disproved conclusively.

All he offered you was well-dressed, manipulated speak in defense of one more recitation of pleasantries masking the clarity that what he wants is a no-responsibility ticket to no relationship whatsoever between business and control of any kind. He admitted his certainty that it's the churches who should and will take up for the poor once rampant out of control corporate capitalism gets its next free ticket to continue ignoring the imperatives set into all our lives by the style of profligacy he champions that has and continues to poison all our waters and has set the atmosphere on fire against us all.

He wants one further free ticket to more of the same. He gave you a capitalist's affirmation of some of the problems, though didn't mention climate, while offering nothing that will do anything other than speak for a new platform that only further gluttons for control. He showed you no intelligible agenda beyond that. I'm glad you took him on but I encourage you to listen to the tape again for his trained and subtle, manipulative speaking practice. He worked hard to brand you as one of him. That's Orwellian body snatcherism.

After my first impression had subsided, I found relief in seeing that he cannot be the hair on the tail of the devil, because though his program would reaffirm the hell his intransigent systemic stance has worked to sustain, we cannot live, we cannot believe, we cannot go on thinking that the vibrational offerings of corporate executive suites have any honest relationship with the long-term heart or true consciousness actually forwarding the welfare of humanity. Bad as his acts may be, he is not the devil. Past that I saw that he merely speaks for those so deeply committed to never admitting that you and the many others who can smell the rot he denies are right. He'll ply his avenue-trained speak through twenty minutes to tell you and the public that everything fits easily and rightly in hand. Tomorrow he's back at the office full tilt and full Time to keep fossil profits right on their roll.

I call his manner of manipulative, status quo speaking for non-transparency “Old Form Thought.” He's not the devil, he's a dinosaur, but like a dinosaur, he's undeniably large and dangerous. So beware that Sorosaurus. He may admittedly not be tangibly human but he does still speak smartly in English with a forked tongue.

Finally, all kidding aside, simply because of the nature and state of his position, everything Mr. Brooks says about policy can only be heard as disingenuous, and blatantly so because of his pinnacle post of undeniable insider interest. Each day as the interests of the banker class are further advanced I watch the tipping balance that measures whether the gifts of human greatness will finally succumb to betrayal by the executives of greed and turn our world into the hell imagined by the darkest fearful reaches of the run-of-the-mill Paul Ryan biblicists for whom I believe he speaks.

I imagine that you are open to further voices from perspectives more like yours. Yet today we stand with a timing problem adequately large that one-on-one suited discourse not connected to the definition of emergency environmental policy unravels for the public merely as irresponsible delaying tactics. It looks mainly today as though unless the Congress can waken to prioritize environmental preservation now over elections while of necessity shutting the bankers out, its current complicity with those bankers may well be presiding over the end of us all.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Necessary One World Solution

 A factual framework that has produced as normal the daily subjugation and humiliation of an entire people in an outdoor prison, the theft of their lands and water resources, the destruction of their homes, and the denial of their national right to self-determination does not comport with basic respect for human dignity and questions the integrity or all who would call the human family civil.

One honest explanation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is an outdated norm of thinking that seventy years ago respected the rights of some more than others. In the face of western powers' concerns for the Jewish people at the end of the 2nd World War, there was nonetheless no comprehensively legitimate moral ground to serve those concerns by negating the rights of any other peoples. The solution chosen then could never have been permanent.

The expedient thinking born in the force and ages of conquest which has long historically established one people's safety and protection at the cost of the deprivation of another offends a logic of respect that we ignore in the 21st century at substantial risk to all the world. The facts of human life have been changed by the advances of technology and an unfortunate, reckless profligacy in their use, necessitating both that we put away the old “winner/loser/collaterally damaged” norms of war and instead advance respect everywhere the cry for human rights is heard.

Today respect for the equal rights of all has become a norm no nation or group of nations may any longer honestly ignore, however inconvenient. This is ever more true as the larger impacts of profiteering careless consumption impair the survival of nations and peoples far beyond the local, raising unavoidably similar questions worldwide of the universality of equal rights. In a world where indifference and oppression are daily more difficult to hide, the luxury of choosing what we will and won't see as a function of our preferred convenience has left the building.

The fact that humanity has lived an indifferent horrific history is not grounds to suggest that we must elevate such horror to a norm of 21st century practice. We are better than that though this is the standard Israel is rudely, obscenely, and offensively daring us all to deny by its flawed reliance on old ways. Merely because displacement of whole tribes and peoples by violence has long been an undeniable reality of the human struggle does not mean that it must remain so in a more technologically and morally adept age. The common practices of conquest and displacement are no longer justifiable for human societies, on any terms.

The deprivation of the rights of the Palestinian people is anathema to human freedom. The international community is capable of deriving and enforcing a just consensus on the necessary first steps to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Doing so today is an imperative and emergency of the first order.