Friday, April 29, 2016

Eluene Today~ We Have Begun

(Long sentences warning~ read slowly)
Somewhere, somehow, in the midst of constant controversy, bickering, and infighting among the ranks of those most able to gain my personal attention, and insultingly, quite predominantly apart from the reach of my specifically directed sense of progressing agenda items that cannot be ignored, and even while some among that infighting number also specifically work to divert my attention and denigrate my Spirit as well as they can, I have succeeded, but for perhaps one last specific thing or array of details it is my purpose to write to you here for stated support in again today.

As you may or may not be aware, the US Congress, with the full knowledge of the President and the Court, has more than once since the year 2000, through ugliness I will not characterize, or impunity, meanness, selfishness or fear, succeeded at suppressing the many affirming votes of my supporters by voting themselves to ignore and bury the results of past elections in order not to admit the obligation to acknowledge those votes. Now that we face a majority electorate still suppressed, insulted, and violated at the polls and throughout the nation's state capitols but nonetheless more engaged than ever (which for my own part it has been pleasurefully purposeful to energetically require), my place today still holds an obligation of contextual definition.

We have begun. The deepest reaches of opposition, both within and beyond sight, have been found and plumbed and our intent and the obligation of its affirmation has been acknowledged as undeniable. This is great good news that has taken so long here to derive that when it first became apparent that the elemental tipping point had been reached, then reluctantly admitted by others, I held out my own acceptance and belief for numerous lengths of long whiles in order to be convinced on terms I could willingly accept (I've been down so long that up has been nearly unrecognizable). As a guardian for acceptance it is not possible to be kind or too cautious.

Now, in the midst of an election season I may find the self called to define as the last I have the tolerance for in these conditions, the entirety of our extended connections have one last and final statement of push to make in order to affirm a full and final defining agenda that carries permanency and spreads the most widely a true sense of caring that affirms and finally establishes a coherent call for the genuine character of humanity as civilized outside all forms of divisive hatred, the senseless building of barriers among us, and pointless counter-productive affirmations of hateful competition, needless harm, and violence in general.

Finally, I must ask for your vote again for my candidacy as President. At the remaining primaries and conventions of any party, write my name in. Speak my name and speak for my name and my agenda~ Caring, Honesty, Intelligence, and Maturity. We may only be characterizing a statement, perhaps to affirm again a call for more than a two party system in the US in order to bring ourselves collectively outside the malaise of the uninvolved state the establishment wants so determinedly to maintain. We may be affirming the Constitution of a new reality. We may only be affirming the belief that my views are worthy of a context that large. They are.

I admit that my acts, so predominantly bound to the written word, have made me personally very hard to know. I could not be a religious figure and I have never had the patience for academia or the money for politics as we know either today.

I'll be 63 by election day. The usual write-in vote for my candidacy will make the statement of a collective sense of obligation for caring, distinguishing ourselves outside of the divisions of establishment-bound competition that only energizes conflict and disagreement and refuses all essential deep listening.

It was obviously both not enough in 2000 and perhaps even counter-productive merely to have proven the weakness of the existing voting system, as we see that it's not been fixed and the dark side appears to have taken charge. Now we need to press the Congress to a condition of circumstances it cannot deny. Your vote for my candidacy will accomplish that. Make the statement however you are able. It's Time I had a place at the inauguration.

More than ever we do still need the beautiful and immense wide variety of engaged, activist people who are challenging the status quo all around the nation on the sadly shocking and unfortunately numerous array of issues we all face that must be finally laid at the door of a flawed, indifferent, and destructive oligarchic system, unfixed by Congress. To need activism at the degree to which it has been essential is a part of the problem and the struggles of the 99% in that regard must also keep us each reminded that we will have produced the result called for when we know we are all working in paid occupations at and always more fully toward a unitary collective human purpose. Our Time requires this.

When your voices for my intent to persist to the final ends of needless conflict and the establishment of a merely functional and long term sustainable system are heard, our collective conscious demands for the affirmation of all human health will be legitimized as worthy of the visible and worthy of priority. That priority is finally now the most important component. The seed of caring will be watered. The acorn that holds sustainable long term healthy human stewardship of the planet can become the vibrant, strong tree of life it has always been intended to be.

In Love All Ways

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Full Half Glass

Pema Chodron quoting Rudolph Bahro~
"When an old culture is dying, the new culture is created by those who are not afraid to be insecure."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Completing Competing

At a forced, flawed and yet to be appropriate isolation we are right to see the completion of the competitive manner by its tolling back to prevent furthering of current practices of reckless destruction of the environment with waste not responsibly accounted for. Plastic be damned.

The 30 year anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster must be enough to give someone at the UN a stronger breath. Yes today it's possible to see that peeling away your arms industries will require more, so maybe peeling away all nuclear for real would sell well with the public as a genuine investment in the vegetable garden.

The pen refuses to beg or fast.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Too Many Thoughtlessly Arrogant

The UN in Palestine.

Permanent Peace for humanity, in the midst of a newly visible travesty of greed, still remains on no official burner. This must yet change. When the only official hope is taking sides that give almost whelming support to the ends of violence, it suggests we must have some new kind of mediation entity if we may yet still hope to see intelligence and decency find a foothold in public affairs and reality.

Mediation becomes necessary in a reality where no authority will require truth to an economy that is more than overcharged pressure for hatred and war as the only means to end hatred and war.

How is an officially imposed authority for Mediation with the Purpose of Deriving Permanent Structuralized Peace made to come to life along with true enforcement authority? That's the final question, children. You don't have that now. That's what's missing. Make that real.

The hypocrisy of official human reality as we know it today remains an embarrassment that should be enough to make people operate differently. That this is not the case requires action of a kind currently beyond all sight. Maybe you need a bravery school. This is a systemic structural matter of the most actually genuine kind. It is also an emergency situation that warrants a far greater level of seriousness than is visible anywhere today.

When there are too many thoughtlessly arrogant in seats of authority we are collectively failed. They are dangerous monsters that do nothing but destruction. Look for them and stop them. They show as good liars.

All the newly visible tax avoiders must, by the way, also be brought to the task of paying up, as fully retroactively as humanly imaginable.

The object never believed it would be alone so long in characterizing these bits of the obvious in just these terms. Solitude imposed for the weakest of reasons makes such kindness for the unmentionable emergency, and now pointless politeness wrongheaded in a world where far too many in authority refuse to see themselves as the irresponsible facilitators of deadly indifference.

Persistent painting of the picture still is not enough.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Got a New Metaphor

The way the political process is working its terms for fixing Wall Street is like the king's men who want to fill the lily pond with dirt, because, they say, the dirt will help to nourish the lily and the dirt can be entirely hidden by the water. As they crowd away all the water of the pond with the dirt, the lily begins to wilt so next they gild the lily to hide the fact that its died. Eventually the weight of the golden lily cannot sustain itself and crashes to the glistening wet floor. Then they tell us the golden lily has taken on a new kind of life they want to sanctify.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stepping To Act is the Easy Part

It is correct to hold these entities responsible for their criminally immoral actions, which are violations that impair humanity's relationship with the Earth, as tragically difficult as calling them to account may be. Yet it remains imperative to change the policies in Washington that marginalize the warnings of science.

Where we fail to act to change policy by giving real teeth to regulation that protects the public we fail truth. Exxon et al. deserve the pervasive new reality of this litigation, but the US culture is devastatingly destructive. Its policies in virtually all areas are leading all humanity to destruction.

Where we will not acknowledge these facts and act accordingly we do the worst thing that can be done. The elite claim that the fix is too hard. That's why Exxon and the rest never respected the truth. The fix is not too hard, it was merely inconvenient for them. They feared personal private loss, and so they lied.

Now all humanity is being made to pay the price, and while the entire fossil fuel industry is rightly called to account, it remains more important to take down their lobbying power and consequent ability to buy results that deny reality.

Where that's not possible Senator Sanders' candidacy shows as the nearest possible public start to eviscerating the destruction done by what is now an antiquated system that no longer serves the needs of a humanity that is at risk in a manner that has never been true before.

The history of human societies has given us all the necessary authority. It remains my personal claim that no matter how large the problem, there is a solution that shrinks that problem to easily functional terms. This is the human way. We CAN bring a civilized nature and manner to our operating.

That may never have been necessary before, that may never before have been called for at the scale we see today, but neither of those things impair our ability or authority to act in the face of this scale of emergency, which also appears never to have been so dire before.

Honesty is the best policy. Truth must be respected. The ability of oligarchs to purchase perception does not change reality, but rather only purchases that wish. The imperial rule of the US has failed. We can all wish that weren't so. It's more important to act.

We require a different Systemic way. Where the nature of our existing capitalist economic system dictates that there will always be winners and losers that system no longer succeeds at respecting the reality of a caring humanity. Our collective intelligence IS meet to the admonitions of all the good books and the golden rule. It is time we took hold collectively and applied the miracles of consciousness, intelligence, and technology to the real challenges humanity faces, rather than allowing the fear of loss of elites to continue presiding over devastation.

Again, the emperor has no clothes.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Empire's New Suit of Clothes

Systemic Bill of Particulars for US

In Arizona for proof, and everywhere at every election, voter suppression in the form of lines to wait for more than five minutes, for example, is a crime.

Hillary Clinton is a war candidate, promising more of division and hatred. Donald Trump is a torture candidate, promising more of the illegal. Which is worse? That's no choice.

No one any longer needs a booming war economy. What you have lives in embarrassed denial of that.