Saturday, May 28, 2016

Status Quo

Love has been failed. Truth has been failed. Humanity has been failed.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Weather Report, May 2016

What kind of press against war would it be if we gave ourselves this question~

What would it take at even THIS horrible juncture in failed efforts at understanding in order for Reagan's mistake with Gorbachev to be righted?

Why must it be that the safety of the world is imprisoned in a power-to-make-war context? War is not the answer. War is not the means to derive peace. Military threat conquest context will not ever make humanity safer, but only gives us a more dangerous world. The great lie of these conditions must be admitted now.

Merely because the system we have is rigidly bound to such terms does not erase the false nature of that weak conception. They can purchase the public presentation of their conception, but cannot affix their conception to reality by purchase.

There is a healthy result to derive for the world which was the opportunity produced between the 60's and the fall of the Iron Curtain. All humanity has a right to live that opportunity now outside the weaknesses, fears, and bankster greed killing fields that cause these problems.

Could it yet still not be too late to bring an end to the mere profiteering that results from fearful and unenlightened advice to Presidents that only forwards pointless benefit for a war industry no longer holding legitimate purpose in human affairs?

These things are why we have voter suppression and a complete failure of non-manipulated transparency in the US.

The Congress won't admit the reality of the warming of the climate because they don't want to admit the unparalleled carbon footprint of the US military. They also won't admit the institutionalization of systemic racism embedded in US law and won't touch with a ten foot pole the matter of the damage done to the climate by the animal agriculture industries.

The reasons for these weaknesses are too embarrassing to be any longer relevant. The damage neglect has already done is only a justification for cowards.

Where only the influence of money derives results in the Congress, the people, the nation, and the planet have been failed.

Monday, May 16, 2016


For some without voice, fiction may be the only remaining hope. Literature describing a sane world is still possible.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gain A Vegan Diet Now, Systic.

"Methane gas is eighty-six times more powerful
 at trapping heat than CO2 on a 20 year time frame.

 "Fifty-one percent or more of all human 
caused greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture."

For the imperative specifics watch this video at~
See also

For hope in the midst of an inherently challenged world leadership, the pen recommends new model UN legislation for nations to accomplish the immediate shift away from animal agriculture.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Full Half Glass

Pema Chodron quoting Rudolph Bahro~
"When an old culture is dying, the new culture is created by those who are not afraid to be insecure."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Completing Competing

At a forced, flawed and yet to be appropriate isolation we are right to see the completion of the competitive manner by its tolling back to prevent furthering of current practices of reckless destruction of the environment with waste not responsibly accounted for. Plastic be damned.

The 30 year anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster must be enough to give someone at the UN a stronger breath. Yes today it's possible to see that peeling away your arms industries will require more, so maybe peeling away all nuclear for real would sell well with the public as a genuine investment in the vegetable garden.

The pen refuses to beg or fast.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Too Many Thoughtlessly Arrogant

The UN in Palestine.

Permanent Peace for humanity, in the midst of a newly visible travesty of greed, still remains on no official burner. This must yet change. When the only official hope is taking sides that give almost whelming support to the ends of violence, it suggests we must have some new kind of mediation entity if we may yet still hope to see intelligence and decency find a foothold in public affairs and reality.

Mediation becomes necessary in a reality where no authority will require truth to an economy that is more than overcharged pressure for hatred and war as the only means to end hatred and war.

How is an officially imposed authority for Mediation with the Purpose of Deriving Permanent Structuralized Peace made to come to life along with true enforcement authority? That's the final question, children. You don't have that now. That's what's missing. Make that real.

The hypocrisy of official human reality as we know it today remains an embarrassment that should be enough to make people operate differently. That this is not the case requires action of a kind currently beyond all sight. Maybe you need a bravery school. This is a systemic structural matter of the most actually genuine kind. It is also an emergency situation that warrants a far greater level of seriousness than is visible anywhere today.

When there are too many thoughtlessly arrogant in seats of authority we are collectively failed. They are dangerous monsters that do nothing but destruction. Look for them and stop them. They show as good liars.

All the newly visible tax avoiders must, by the way, also be brought to the task of paying up, as fully retroactively as humanly imaginable.

The object never believed it would be alone so long in characterizing these bits of the obvious in just these terms. Solitude imposed for the weakest of reasons makes such kindness for the unmentionable emergency, and now pointless politeness wrongheaded in a world where far too many in authority refuse to see themselves as the irresponsible facilitators of deadly indifference.

Persistent painting of the picture still is not enough.