Wednesday, November 25, 2015

One Thin Mint

Unpaid Taxes of 500 Companies Could Pay for a Job for Every Unemployed American
For two years. At the nation's median salary of $36,000, for all 8 million unemployed.

How does the US excuse itself from the travesty of its own official ineptitude? It has become pointless to continue repeating the rageful reminder that we are looking at an embarrassing cowardice on the part of the majority in our Congress.

How is the majority in that Congress not fairly charged with being just a protective barrier for the dinosaur corporate hegemony class?

Collectively the US has failed to recognize the opportunity driven by the inevitable reality of our time. Even more importantly, my every reader needs to be reminded that we are each on this planet, at this time, in these lives to participate in constructing the solution that can bring to all human society a peace and culture of successful worldwide collaboration. We are each here to share in the gifts of that opportunity, if we will only face the task of honesty that we are called to by it.

The miracle grade quality of human technology has made it possible to let go of the pervasive and counter-productive practices of war, conflict, and competition that so have dominated all human history. In the past those vibrations in practice were necessary to human survival. Today they prevent that. We must be the solution, rather than destroying ourselves as we mis-use the gifts of technology by building bigger and more destructive weapons systems instead to doing exactly the opposite.

Why can we collectively not succeed at the admonition finally produced by the Second World War? Do the words, "Never again" have any real meaning?

The unavoidable end of war and all war consciousness culture is both inevitable and necessary to all humanity. Those who refuse to respect the obligation to yield to peace and put away all the ways of war in favor of building the structures, commitments, and permanent funding for a cohesive and coherent worldwide peace are only holding back a majority that has now long ago derived support for facing the challenges we all know of tolerance, forgiveness, and respect for diversity.

Along our way we do not need to homogenize according to the dictates of those who are currently raping the planet by further fueling a failed steroidal juggernaut of trite consumption. We need to more fully respect the opportunity of industrial-grade localism, with trade around the world where trade of that kind is necessary, not merely convenient for profiteers.

Wake up please. The clock is ticking for us all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Your Terms & Our Remains

Bill McKibben gives it to us, today.

The situation he describes shows up as one of my necessary charges against the system as you have it if you will not call Exxon to account. What does it take to define an environmental criminality and make consequences real to stick?

Where inequality is not enough of a condemnation, inequality and environmental criminality ought to be.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Managed Indifference

Common Dreams reports for us today on ostensibly healthy attempts by the Department of Justice to make up for the abuses of the last thirty years, but it's not enough and that fact is so blatantly ignored that the acts affirmed prove only a weak and fearful unwillingness that others have every right to call bad faith, racism, corporatism, hatred, and indifference.

The US of all places should be able to do better by calling all its citizens to stand for brave acts of correction. The hatred that ruled the past does not need to be the standard for action as the fixes are put in.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dated Context

It's right that I am critical, though I have been too excessively so, or feel today that the practice has engendered conditions more painful than communal, and stands ready next to produce what here are likely to be both unwelcome and unintended results, even if those are the product of the weaknesses of others, rather than myself. Focused on the moment, the reason for the shift I consider appropriate now may be seen as irrelevant. My habits of the most extreme critical practice have continued long enough that easing up some has become essential, as to do otherwise leaves me at risk of what would be an odd, ignoring intransigence in my own manner, and I cannot become what I chastise others for.

I am not here to blind the self to great goods. I have long seen great goods. I have long been able to look to visible great goods. New good things occur frequently. My attention has been upon the problems and now it's right to admit being able to see some advances in areas that had seemed immovable.

Though please remain reminded that~

A conclusion as to the propriety of a shift in attitude does not and cannot reduce existing convictions around those forms of sought results that rise from a clarity of intent spoken for in terms of standing witness to a broad scale shift from violence and violent thought in human relations to a focus on an honest and responsible frame of reference for all life within respect for the overall well-being of the planet.

I am offended by the reality of the experience I walk in for you and the mere choice for continuance of this manner of communication is a struggle. Observers will notice this.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Always for the Congress Now

Ladies & Gentlemen
My first and best only word in comment on this Common Dreams article is, “Sick.”

I'd like to see it as my responsibility to tell you why I say that. It's a very good example of a theme that uses step-by-step efforts at insulting the intelligence of the public through legitimizing intransigence and an inappropriate puritanical imposing of views around matters that are private, simultaneously intruding into those private matters by making them public and by the mere doing so, gathering a level of supposed permission and agreement that is neither earned nor warranted. This normative practice of the right collectively is offensive and sick.

There's more to that, but why belabor the commentary. Too frequently the right uses critics to frame their justifications for further improprieties.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social Capitalism

A major change has occurred in the views necessary to sustain the work accomplished here.

Readers of this blog will continue to be pressed to awareness around the predominantly obscene facts of our day, through this author's invitations for attention to the work of others who have learned to press to a solutions based perspective that all ignored to our common and collective misfortune for far too long. An example is here. The explanations that remain for rule by intentional calculated ignorance are excuses and the resultant indifferent and convenient unawareness continues to hallmark only bad faith, sadly remaining alive even now. Irrespective of all of preference, the dire is real and right to view in that manner. What you don't know is harming others.

In other news, this author's sadly forced darkened perspective on the ruling class of our day remains the predominant product of an irresponsible, forced isolation accomplished by convenient denial that resulted from the conscious intent of those who either never wanted or intended to accept responsibility for the obvious, believe they have calculated their personal safety successfully against the likelihood of bearing any of the consequences, or remain adequately indifferent merely to prefer not to have to see, satisfied that surely what they cannot see need not be considered harmful or obligating of their actions in any way. The more widely you are able to see yourself in any of such terms, the more brave and potentially adult you will be naming yourself today. Please accept that challenge.

We all have a common obligation now and those who ignore that for the stated reasons, or any others, fail themselves, fail us all, and need to be pressed to the margins because of the irresponsibility such a perspective nonetheless affirms. In partial relief and politest terms, a prominently visible link has been added on the right here by means of which contributions may be made for the sustaining of the health, well-being and work of this author. If you can read these words, or for any reason choose to, then please mark yourself obligated to support the work of the Human Activity Network by using that link, or this to make an, at best business expense deduction, contribution in whatever amount you choose in order to display your support for an easing of our collectively difficult path toward a healthy world for all.

If you are interested in a wider and more specific introduction to the views of this author, you are welcomed and encouraged to purchase his book, which is possible at this link.

If you know of anyone else rightly impacted by what you learn here, encourage them to do any of the same. When the level of contribution rises to an adequacy appropriate to the accomplishment of a mature and responsible relationship with the requirements imposed by the collective denial that has ruled our circumstances until now, then the level of your permissible contributions will be announced and limited. Until then please consider yourself reminded that a major defalcation has occurred and produced a state of severe emergency over decades of indifference, weakness, and irresponsible denial which remains nowhere near repaired or resolved.

Thursday, July 23, 2015