Thursday, January 21, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Politicians Need Their People

Taken by the comments around Jeremy Corbyn set out for us by Katrina vanden Heuvel, my hand finds itself granted a particularly welcome invitation to speak, as ever perhaps, grindingly slow.

We are bound to prove for our children that a less threatening world Can be theirs. This oath to our race and Earth carries with it the obligation to face all the manners in our beings, ways, and world that we find the most threatening, like it or not. Public discourse at such a level requires the presentation of options for definition of direction; it is right to choose direction, and to do so with an intent that reflects a conscious choice around the matter of an awareness about the kind of world we are building for tomorrow.

Where it is likely that a safer world for all is desirable, another ever-more-expensive and dangerous generation of nuclear annihilasimilitude is wrong headed. Anyone could be anxious around these philosophical concepts where the rubber meets the road, yet we must live there on the ground with all of the bravery philosophy can stand for with us. These things must be the daily bread of our public officials. Jeremy Corbyn may sound heretical for some today. Galileo was a heretic too.

Thanks to Katrina vanden Heuvel for the alert and the intelligent conclusion. For my feelings on this topic, it seems plain that the called-for shift in direction away from the normality of the nuclear threat IS an emergency of public debate. Financially, it may be the most pricey yet necessary shift of direction that humanity could be asked to make. The steps of beginning seem as hard as sand on a blackboard underfoot.

The matter does represent the potential necessity of a major shift in consciousness around the measure of which many of the key actors might wisely have reason to avail themselves of professional psychological help. But that is said only because there are so immensely many connected and involved issues, concerns, fortunes and lives. And if looking only at the business side of the matter, while that depth of already-constructed reliance is but a moment new in the long history of humanity's residence on the planet, its reality may only be meanly denied.

Nor of course, with a matter of such immense girth, may we deny the truth of the irreconcilably illogical nature of maintaining the threat and its sickeningly dangerous varietal spawn of off-shoot advanced problems, while more importantly, I remain again left to insist that the simpler conceptions around the softer components of human emotion and relationship are the traipsing ground for the necessary conclusions here. Not "the science," pragmatism, or profit.

We must define ourselves as the frail softness that is our humanity, admit the recklessness of the extremes the newness of technology granted to us, and correct our most major collective mistakes without ignoring the largest among them for pretending they are too difficult, when this worst was constructed during our lifetimes. Let us not go to our graves with such a brand of cowardly denial, an unwillingness to finally write the last chapters and close the book on our ages of hatred and war.

For all the years I have written to comment, I have stated that we are "merely" up against fear and sought to eviscerate the theme as small and surmountable, yet the reality sadly seems that events have made all matters worse. As every day passes while both the fear and the threat expand, there also grows of necessity and just as well, my commitment to still insisting we can meet that fear with our common strength, though it always seems that all the words have been written before.

As time passes, the threat continues to grow, with the incongruity. This house of cards is bound to fall further still, now ever more likely, to the common peril of all humanity. May we please stand strong to deconstruct it carefully instead, before further nuclear calamities are engendered. Perhaps the only way to begin is for some nation with place to take the first next full step in change of direction by choosing to state and affirm the mere necessity to decline to play the game further while allowing voice and fairness to all the parties that have a stake in the matter without the toxic playing of favors that maintains the problem as an unalterable status quo.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

From the Obvious Lot

Hold the bankrupting coal gang to the cost of their externalities. At every turn now it is essential to build our collective bravery to place obligations where they have never been before.

Remember the politicians' claims that they need to be led by the people. Externalities (sadly) is new territory for all. Build a movement of intelligent consciousness around all the externalities. We need to cure ourselves of our wastrel ways. There may never be a lack of places to turn in this regard, and that is a thing it is right to change.

The Pentagon claims to know the problem of climate reality. Can that be made to admit its own part and can anyone start to at least call out to the demigod of Transparency to let us all see the impact of such an astute observation and how that speaks to the very identity of awareness?

Please don't allow one generation to convince even one more that head in the sand is the only way to fly.

Over here we are told that efforts to pull down corruption get nowhere. Where corruption remains the norm, new realms of responsibility must be seeded and worked simultaneously. Today these issues are the compost in your kitchen. If you will gather and keep that sensibly, in some perhaps sane tomorrow the waste can become the garden that feeds your family.

Do the work of the good and use the methods the circumstances require, but remain able to see what harms people and the Earth and please find the means to make a priority of respecting reality, rather than allowing denial of truth to be purchased yet and over again.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Perfect Storm Legislation Day

Too many illegitimately derived conclusions and too many inept results for too many too badly harmed makes order and sanity slip away if we do not respond collectively with some level of intelligent maturity as response to the supposed conclusions around the death by murder of Tamir Rice and far too many others.

If it must be just one inordinately small step at a time, then these are examples of the necessary forms.

For this reason there may be manufactured no further toy guns anywhere in the US and none may be imported. Twenty-one-year-olds may own guns in concert with all your extant weaknesses and fears, no one else. All hunting and gun ownership must be taken out of fashion. Make all the new ones larger, heavier and black. Existing toy guns must be removed, collected, destroyed, and legislated against.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Loss, Failure, Bad Faith & Denial

Medea Benjamin today can only be lauded for her strength in facing up to a complacent nation unwilling to take responsibility for its systemic, industrialized, hypocritical and firm commitment to waging and sustaining war.

Sadly, the war mongers have so deeply conflated the facts and so succeeded at constructing their new, multi-facial "enemy," ready to have it known by any name necessary, that it may be time to allow them to remove the word, revenge, from the dictionaries we all use. That's how deeply this weak, hypocritical and supposedly yet wholly non-Christian nation has strayed from any honorable course.

The world cannot be violated into peace by imperialism, though the US has now succeeded at making its problematic failures so pervasively unavoidable that any talk of diplomacy has just nowhere to go. Sadly, in fact, I am compelled to add my voice to those who remind us that the US has no agenda and no intent to see any final peace whatsoever, anywhere in the world. In my book, that makes it an international criminal, now committing the environmental crime of covering up the measure of its destructive carbon footprint.

It's all great for the bottom line of arms and hatred manufacturers, and not at all for the wider world of innocent victims subjected to death and disruption as fodder for their use.

Just as the US refused the obvious question after 9/11 (what had it done that would make others vilify it so deeply?), it has succeeded now at fully assuring the public that its current enemy is too amorphous to deal with respectfully and that the only allowable step is further works of revenge, wholly beyond the ability of the Congress to peep outside its little mouse hole to even discuss.

As has been the case for my entire lifetime, the powers that run the US only see conquest and determinedly refuse to acknowledge that any other style of agenda or purpose can ever be allowed.

The US is not policing the world. It is merely destroying. The shame is obscenely palpable because these acts are wrong.